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Coming soon: Economic Ideas You Should Forget

Economic Ideas You Should Forget

Reporting on cutting-edge advances in economics, the volume Economic Ideas You Should Forget, edited by Bruno S. Frey and David Iselin, presents a selection of commentaries (by Daron Acemoglu, Jeffrey Sachs, Jan-Egbert Sturm among others) that reveal the weaknesses of several core economics concepts.

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Upcoming Event

EEAG Report 2017: Populism and Economic Policy, 16 March 2017, with Harold James and Jan-Egbert Sturm, Moderation: Martin Meyer; Center for Global Dialogue, Rüschlikon Registration


29 March 2017, Forum

KOF Wirtschaftsforum - Thema «Die neue US-Wirtschaftspolitik: Welche Auswirkungen auf die Schweizer Konjunktur?»

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29 March 2017, Seminar

KOF Research Seminar - William Hoyt - The Assignment and Division of the Tax Base in a System of Hierarchical Governments

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Latest Publications

Exchange rate uncertainty and firm investment plans: Evidence from Swiss survey data.
Garret Binding, and Andreas Dibiasi
Journal of Macroeconomics, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Meet the need – The role of vocational education and training for the youth labour market.
Thomas Bolli, Maria Esther Egg, and Ladina Rageth
KOF Working Papers, (2017) Zürich: KOF, ETH Zürich.

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