KOF Consensus Forecast

The KOF has been calculating the venerable Consensus Forecast since September 2007. It entails questioning active economists in trade and industry and public administration about their forecasts with regard to the development of the major core indicators for the Swiss economy in the current and coming year. The quarterly results are then published as Consensus Forecast.

More than 20 economists participate in the KOF Consensus Forecast. They forecast macroeconomic data (GDP growth, investments in construction and plant and machinery, price level trends and the unemployment rate) on the one hand and on the other, financial market indicators (short and long-term interest rates, exchange rates and stock market performance). The Consensus Forecast is produced on the basis of the responses that are received. The Consensus Forecast uses the experience of economists from trade and industry, administration and universities to forecast economic development. The expert survey should not be confused with the KOF Economic Forecast.

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