KOF International Forecasts

The KOF International Forecasts contain the detailed results and KOF forecasts of user side Macroeconomic Accounting (MA) for the OECD and EU markets and for Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, the USA and Switzerland.

Moreover, the KOF International Forecasts contain the short and long-term interest rate trends as well as exchange rates and inflation for the aforementioned economic areas and individual countries respectively.

The KOF International Forecasts are sent out quarterly by e-mail in pdf format with a supplementary file (EXCEL) with the corresponding forecast keys (incl. history). The KOF International Forecasts are published in German.

The KOF International Forecasts appear at the same time as the quarterly KOF Economic Forecasts.

The fee-based quarterly KOF International Forecasts are specifically designed for financial market institutes and export-oriented firms. Further information about fees and a trial copy can be found here.
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