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The KOF, ETH Zurich, disposes of a great deal of economic indicators from its own business tendency surveys and from other sources. The time series are being continually updated. The KOF would like to gradually make these data available over the internet.

Database modules

CH-KEY Indicators

The CH-KEY Indicators constitute a well-structured database module with about 250 key indicators. This module contains original values and, wherever appropriate, trend components for Switzerland's most important economic indicators.

Description of the time series (in German)

KOF Business Tendency Surveys

KOF economic surveys are periodically conducted with about 6000 companies from the industrial, construction and various service sector branches. These surveys are evaluated according to certain characteristics (e.g., sector, company size, exporting shares, regions). The database modules for the KOF economic surveys contain select time series of these evaluations. The data offer immense potential for assessing the current economic situation as well as the short-term outlook. It is also well suited for benchmarking a company’s performance against the industry’s development.

The following economic survey data modules are available at the current time:

Industry 1862 Monthly and quarterly series
Construction 544 Quarterly series
Wholesale* 28 Quarterly series (in German)
Retail trade* 340 Monthly and quarterly series (in German)
Hotel and catering
360 Quarterly series (in German)
Project engineering
680 Quarterly series (in German)
Banking * 120 Quarterly series (in German)
Insurance * 170 Quarterly series (in German)

* The wholesale/retail and banking/insurance modules are each offered as a pair only.

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