Publikationen – KOF Working Papers

  • Nr. 376
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "Dissecting the Purchasing Managers’ Index: Are all relevant components included? Are all included components relevant? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 376 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 375
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "Short-term forecasting with mixed-frequency data: A MIDASSO approach ", KOF Working Paper Series, 375 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 374
    Egger, P. und A. Lassmann (2015): "The Causal Impact of Common Native Language on International Trade: Evidence from a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design ", KOF Working Paper Series, 374 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 373
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "The franc shock and Swiss GDP: How long does it take to start feeling the pain? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 373 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 372
    Kholodilin , K. A. und B. Siliverstovs (2015): "Think national, forecast local: A case study of 71 German urban housing markets ", KOF Working Paper Series, 372 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 371
    Bannert, M., D. Drechsel, H. Mikosch und S. Sarferaz (2015): "How are firms affected by exchange rate shocks? - Evidence from survey based impulse responses", KOF Working Paper Series, 371 Abstract and Download
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