Publikationen – KOF Working Papers

  • Nr. 397
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "Dissecting Models’ Forecasting Performance ", KOF Working Paper Series, 397 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 396
    Kliem, M., A. Kriwoluzky und S. Sarferaz (2015): "Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interaction and Fiscal Inflation: A Tale of Three Countries ", KOF Working Paper Series, 396 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 395
    Bolli, T., U. Renold und M. Wörter (2015): "Vertical Educational Diversity and Innovation Performance ", KOF Working Paper Series, 395 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 394
    Pichler, S. und N. Ziebarth (2015): "The Pros and Cons of Sick Pay Schemes - Testing for Contagious Presenteeism and Shirking Behavior", KOF Working Paper Series, 394 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 393
    Huber, F. und D. Kaufmann (2015): "Trend Fundamentals and Exchange Rate Dynamics ", KOF Working Paper Series, 393 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 392
    Berardi, M. und J. Kingeski Galimberti (2015): "Empirical Calibration of Adaptive Learning ", KOF Working Paper Series, 392 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 391
    Arvanitis, S. und N. Loukis (2015): "Did the Reduction of ICT Investment Due to the 2008 Economic Crisis Affect the Innovation Performance of Firms? - An Exploratory Analysis Based on Firm Data for the European Glass, Ceramics, and Cement Industry", KOF Working Paper Series, 391 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 390
    Chatagny, F., M. Köthenbürger und M. Stimmelmayr (2015): "Introducing an IP Licence Box in Switzerland: Quantifying the Effects ", KOF Working Paper Series, 390 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 389
    Bolli, T. und U. Renold (2015): "Comparative Advantages of School and Workplace Environment in Competence Acquisition - Empirical Evidence From a Survey Among Professional Tertiary Education and Training Students in Switzerland", KOF Working Paper Series, 389 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 388
    Iselin, D. (2015): "Does Negative News Reporting on the Economy Get Reflected in Companies’ Business Situation? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 388 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 387
    Bannert, M. und D. Iselin (2015): "Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist! On the Effect of Self-Dispensing Physicians on Pharmaceutical Coverage ", KOF Working Paper Series, 387 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 386
    Bannert, M., D. Drechsel, H. Mikosch und S. Sarferaz (2015): "Macro and micro level impulse responses: A survey experimental identification procedure ", KOF Working Paper Series, 386 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 385
    Kaiser, B. und M. Siegenthaler (2015): "The Skill-Biased Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations ", KOF Working Paper Series, 385 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 384
    Bannert, M. (2015): "timeseriesdb: Manage and Archive Time Series Data in Establishment Statistics with R and PostgreSQL ", KOF Working Paper Series, 384 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 383
    Egg, M. und U. Renold (2015): "The Swiss Vocational Education and Training System: What Can Spain Learn from Switzerland? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 383 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 382
    Egger, P. und M. Köthenbürger (2015): "Hosting Multinationals: Economic and Fiscal Implications ", KOF Working Paper Series, 382 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 381
    Drechsel, D. (2015): "Housing Cycles in Switzerland – A Time-Varying Approach ", KOF Working Paper Series, 381 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 380
    Dräger, L. und M.J. Lamla (2015): "Disagreement à la Taylor: Evidence from Survey Microdata ", KOF Working Paper Series, 380 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 379
    Kaufmann, D. (2015): "Nominal Stability and Swiss Monetary Regimes over two Centuries ", KOF Working Paper Series, 379 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 378
    Kaufmann, D. und R. Scheufele (2015): "Business Tendency Surveys and Macroeconomic Fluctuations ", KOF Working Paper Series, 378 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 377
    Mikosch, H. und S. Neuwirth (2015): "Real-Time Forecasting with a MIDAS VAR ", KOF Working Paper Series, 377 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 376
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "Dissecting the Purchasing Managers’ Index: Are all relevant components included? Are all included components relevant? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 376 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 375
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "Short-term forecasting with mixed-frequency data: A MIDASSO approach ", KOF Working Paper Series, 375 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 374
    Egger, P. und A. Lassmann (2015): "The Causal Impact of Common Native Language on International Trade: Evidence from a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design ", KOF Working Paper Series, 374 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 373
    Siliverstovs, B. (2015): "The franc shock and Swiss GDP: How long does it take to start feeling the pain? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 373 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 372
    Kholodilin , K. A. und B. Siliverstovs (2015): "Think national, forecast local: A case study of 71 German urban housing markets ", KOF Working Paper Series, 372 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 371
    Bannert, M., D. Drechsel, H. Mikosch und S. Sarferaz (2015): "How are firms affected by exchange rate shocks? - Evidence from survey based impulse responses", KOF Working Paper Series, 371 Abstract and Download
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