Publikationen – KOF Working Papers

  • Nr. 368
    Siegenthaler, M., M. Graff and M. Mannino (2014): The Swiss “Job Miracle”, KOF Working Papers No. 368, December, Zurich. Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 367
    Arvanitis, S. und F. Seliger (2014): "Imitation versus Innovation: What Makes the Difference? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 367 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 366
    Arvanitis, S. und N. Loukis (2014): "Investigating the Effects of ICT on Innovation and Performance of European Hospitals: An Exploratory Study ", KOF Working Paper Series, 366 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 365
    Gunzinger, F. und J.-E. Sturm (2014): "It’s Politics, Stupid! Political Constraints Determine Governments’ Reactions to the Great Recession ", KOF Working Paper Series, 365 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 364
    Furlanetto, F., F. Ravazzolo und S. Sarferaz (2014): "Identification of Financial Factors in Economic Fluctuations ", KOF Working Paper Series, 364 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 363
    Bannert, M. und A. Dibiasi (2014): "Unveiling Participant Level Determinants of Unit Non-Response in Business Tendency Surveys ", KOF Working Paper Series, 363 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 362
    Basten, C., A. Lassmann und M. von Ehrlich (2014): "Income Taxes, Sorting, and the Costs of Housing: Evidence from Municipal Boundaries in Switzerland ", KOF Working Paper Series, 362 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 361
    Arvanitis, S., A. Gkypali und K. Tsekouras (2014): "Knowledge Base, Exporting Activities, Innovation Openness and Innovation Performance: A SEM Approach Towards a Unifying Framework ", KOF Working Paper Series, 361 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 360
    Kingeski Galimberti, J. und M. Moura (2014): "Improving the Reliability of Real-time Hodrick-Prescott Filtering Using Survey Forecasts ", KOF Working Paper Series, 360 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 359
    Mikosch, H. und Y. Zhang (2014): "Forecasting Chinese GDP Growth with Mixed Frequency Data: Which Indicators to Look at? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 359 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 358
    Krekel, C. und M. Poprawe (2014): "The Effect of Local Crime on Well-Being: Evidence for Germany ", KOF Working Paper Series, 358 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 357
    Hartwig, J. (2014): "Testing Okun’s Law with Swiss Industry Data ", KOF Working Paper Series, 357 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 356
    Berardi, M. und J. Kingeski Galimberti (2014): "A Note on the Representative Adaptive Learning Algorithm ", KOF Working Paper Series, 356 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 355
    Hartwig, J. (2014): "“Relative Movements of Real Wages and Output” – How does Keynes’s 1939 essay relate to his Principle of Effective Demand? ", KOF Working Paper Series, 355 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 354
    Liberini, F. (2014): "Corporate Taxes and the Growth of the Firm ", KOF Working Paper Series, 354 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 353
    Abberger, K., M. Graff, B. Siliverstovs und J.-E. Sturm (2014): "The KOF Economic Barometer, Version 2014: A Composite Leading Indicator for the Swiss Business Cycle ", KOF Working Paper Series, 353 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 352
    Siegenthaler, M. und T. Stucki (2014): "Dividing the Pie: the Determinants of Labor’s Share of Income on the Firm Level ", KOF Working Paper Series, 352 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 351
    Rathke, A. und S. Sarferaz (2014): "Malthus and the Industrial Revolution: Evidence from a Time-Varying VAR ", KOF Working Paper Series, 351 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 350
    Bolli, T. und S. Hof (2014): "The Impact of Apprenticeship Training on Personality Traits: An Instrumental Variable Approach ", KOF Working Paper Series, 350 Abstract and Download
  • Nr. 349
    Hartwig, J. (2014): "Testing the Bhaduri-Marglin Model with OECD Panel Data ", KOF Working Paper Series, 349 Abstract and Download
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