Publikationen – Externe Publikationen

  • Egger, P. und S. Nigai (2014): "Effects of Deep versus Shallow Trade Agreementsin General Equilibium " Abstract
  • Egger, P. and A. Lindenblatt (2014): Endogenous Risk Taking and Physical Appearance of Sex Workers, European Journal of Health Economics, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Egger, P. and S. Dorn (2014): Estimating the Distribution of Exchange Rate Regime Treatment Effects on International Trade, Journal of International Money and Finance, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Egger, P., S. Becker und M. von Ehrlich (2014): "EU Regional Policy " Abstract
  • Egger, P., B. Baltagi and M. Kesina (2014): Firm-level Productivity Spillovers in China's Chemical Industry: A Spatial Hausman-Taylor Approach, Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Egger, P. and H. Badinger (2014): Fixed Effects and Random Effects Estimation of Higher-Order Spatial Autoregressive Models with Spatial Autoregressive and Heteroskedastic Disturbances, Spatial Economic Analysis, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Egger, P. and K. Staub (2014): GLM Estimation of Trade Gravity Models with Fixed Effects, Empirical Economics, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Egger, P., D. Radulescu and R. Rees (2014): Heterogeneous Beliefs and the Demand for D&O Insurance by Listed Companies, Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Egger, P. and M. Köthenbürger (2014): Hosting Multinationals: Economic and Fiscal Implications, Aussenwirtschaft, forthcoming. Abstract
  • Bolli, T. and G. Johnes (2014): In my Own Time: Tuition Fees, Class Time and Student Effort in Continuing Education, Journal of Education and Work, forthcoming. Abstract
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