The research section Innovation is part of the division Structural Change. Empirical research in areas such as innovation, human capital, and economic growth is largely based not only on publicly available databases but also surveys among Swiss enterprises based on specifically designed questionnaires that are conducted by the section.

A precondition for the collection of firm data is the availability of a well-maintained Corporate Panel. Firm data can also be aggregated at industry or sector level, thus increasing their utilization potential. Also, comparative studies based on firm data of other European countries are pursued. The section also runs the KOF Micro Data Center. Access to the Data Center is provided to every researcher that wants to use the KOF data for the purpose of academic research.

Research activities covered by the section Innovation:

Generation of innovation and economic performance:

  • Determinants of innovation performance in the manufacturing and in the service sector
  • Competition and innovation
  • Impact of innovation on economic performance
  • Determinants of knowledge acquisition strategies (R&D cooperation, (external) contract R&D) and their impact on innovation and economic performance

Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) between firms and universities:

  • Determinants of KTT
  • Impact of KTT on innovation and productivity
  • KTT and technology diversification

Diffusion of new technologies and economic performance:

  • Diffusion of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)
  • Diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Impact of ICT on innovation and productivity
  • Diffusion of Energy Saving Technologies (EST)
  • Diffusion of Green Technologies
  • Impact of Green Technologies on innovation and productivity

Technology policy:

  • Quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of public promotion programmes (CTI, energy saving technologies)
  • Assessments of the ‘strengths/weaknesses’ profile of the Swiss Innovation System

Human capital formation and economic performance:

  • Impact of innovation on the skill composition of the workforce
  • Impact of skill composition on economic performance

Formation and restructuring of firms:

  • Determinants of the survival of new firms
  • Determinants of the post-entry performance of new firms
  • Determinants of several types of outsourcing of firm resources and their impact on innovation and economic performance

Internationalization of firm activities:

  • Determinants of internationalization of economic activities
  • Impact of internationalization of economic activities on innovation and economic performance

Structural change and economic performance at industry and sector level:

  • International competitiveness of industries
  • Determinants of structural change at industry level
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